Why I Don't Actively Doula for Mommas & Who I Recommend


As I delved into the world of pregnancy massage & knew it was what I wanted to focus on, I learned about Doulas and the amazing support they provide to women & their families. 


Just after getting my license, I trained to become a Doula. I thought it would a great way to bridge the gap between support with pregnancy massage throughout, and teaching infant massage after the baby had arrived. 


After attending a handful of births, I quickly learned my vision wasn’t going to work as ideally as I hoped for a couple of reasons...


  • Labor & delivery happen on its own time and I was faced with calling my massage clients, canceling and rescheduling their appointments frequently. I don’t feel this was fair to them & felt I’d lose great clients if I was always canceling the appointments that they looked forward to so much.


  • Births can range from a couple hours to a couple of days. Coming back to my massage schedule on minimal sleep does not allow me to continue giving high quality bodywork.


  • I am uncomfortable in hospitals. Bright lights, chaotic energy, beeping machines... it’s hard for me to stay calm & collected to fully support a laboring woman. If I can’t fully support her, I shouldn’t be there at all.


For these reasons, I stopped taking doula clients. I’d rather you hire a doula who can fully support you, which is what you need and deserve!


Here are a few Rochester area Doulas I love & recommend you interview. Remember, you need to feel comfortable and connect with this person, so I think it’s a good idea to meet with a couple different Doulas before making your choice. Trust me, you’ll know who the right woman to support you is!


Kara Karaoguz, New Moon Healing


Adriana Lozada, Birthful 


Hilarie Mae Dahl, The Honey Hive


Kim Guck 


Christy Muscato and Julia Sittig, Beautiful Birth Choices


For more doulas, you can also check out the Rochester Area Birth Network’s list here.



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