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You. Whoever you want to be.

Posted: 07/13/2011 by Bobbi

Just because you have always been like XYZ, or always done XYZ, doesn't mean it's what defines you. I believe we define ourselves continuously.


Who said just because you liked something at one time, means you always need to like that same thing, idea, style, concept, ect.? Evolution is change. Change is beautiful, progressive, opening, liberating, and necessary.


One of my best friends, inspires me beyond words. Whenever I see her, she brightens my life, challenges me, and I can't get enough of her style.


Growing up in the countryside, I was more of what you'd call a 'tomboy'. I've never really been a fashionable person. However, I admired (and stashed away magazines of) women such as Jackie O. and Princess Diana. I admired their style, grace, and energy. I've always liked vintage-y clothes, simple styles with added flair, but never felt like I could wear them.


Until recently.


You see, my girlfriend has inspired me in a way I'd never imagined. I thought personal style was something other people, not me, had. But who am I to not have the pretty things in life? Who said I can't be girly, just because I didn't grow up being so? EXACTLY. NO ONE, BUT ME.


You get to define yourself. You get to reinvent yourself whenever you want. Today, I'm rocking a blue lacy scarf. Tomorrow, maybe my new Ann Taylor antique lace layered skirt?


So whatever it is in your life, do it. Redefine yourself. Live authentically. But most importantly, love yourself doing it.


(FYI- If you like vintage clothes too, check out Panache Vintage Clothing & Consignment Boutique in Brighton Twelve Corners! And my pretty scarves come from Urban Essentialz on University Ave. :) Tell them I sent you!)

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