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Momma's Day Lovin'

"If you wait until it's done, you'll never have anyone over!" That's what my future Mother-in-law said to me in regards to my not wanting to entertain people while our house is in remodel phase... She is 100% correct.

While the entire 2nd floor has been vacated for demo & rebuild, I am now sleeping in my front formal living room. One of the spare rooms is now a giant walk in closet for my clothes & things, while the other is Adam's. My elliptical is in my dining room... starting to see the picture? I like my spaces neat, orderly & calm. (Hmmm, like my massage space?) So yeah, unfortunately, I don't invite many people over these days for entertaining!

But, I love to cook for people... I love to introduce the ones I love to new healthy foods, cooked with the #1 most important ingredient- LOVE! So, I listened to my Mother-in-law & invited her & my mom for lunch on Mother's Day.

While family members were taking bets on where we were going to sit, I was busy prepping food & making Adam run to Home Depot for an 8ft board. We covered it with pretty outdoor fabric & lengthened our patio table to seat 8. It turned out fantastic! Topped with two bouquets of flowers for our moms, place settings & fabric napkins to match, it was quite pretty (despite the rest of my house)!

Lunch was a healthy feast. I had everyone choose their protein ahead of time, chicken or salmon, & cooked it before they arrived. A huge, beautiful, lead crystal bowl was filled with mixed greens & baby spinach, along with many small bowls filled with top your own salad fixin's: sprouts, mushrooms, carrots, red peppers, cucumbers, croutons, tomatoes, ect. The main meal was your big salad with a protein on top. I also made a citrus salad (consisting of sliced grapefruit & oranges) with a reduced honey balsamic dressing. For dessert, the almighty, healthy chocolate pudding topped with strawberries. (The recipe is further down the page!) Wa-lah. Healthy & delicious. Not to mention, all food related tasks were done prior, so I didn't have to spend any time in the kitchen!

My mom tried salmon for the first time & liked it! My dad had never eaten an avocado in his life (it's in the pudding) & he enjoyed it. I was impressed he ate it all.

Needless to say, I'm glad I listened & didn't wait to entertain people until all of our projects are complete. While Adam worried about where people would sit- I didn't, knowing that it would all work out despite the small stuff. The table was pretty, the food was healthy & delicious, while the company was all that really mattered.


After lunch, we made our way towards our fire spot in back of the yard & had a mid day fire. The sun was shining, the mom's were relaxing, & the men were chatting... no one paid attention to our yard with bare spots except me. Something about being in the elements, makes you appreciate the life unfolding in front of you. How much these women in my life have done for me & how much I love & cherish them. Life is so much more than your house looking perfect.

I hope you made your momma's Mother's Day special or were honored as a mother the way you should've been. If not, you can come sit at my table next year!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you Momma's... The love & support you give is what makes the world a better place & I am so honored to support you on your journey. Keep on lovin'. xo

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