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Why I won't sell out to Groupon, Living Social, or any other group buying deal sites

Who doesn't love a deal? We are all guilty of that excitement we feel after we know we've gotten a really good deal. (I mean, I just got some great new office decor on sale at Pier 1 Imports!) Companies have capitalized on this, hence the creation and boom of Groupon, Living Social and the liking, that allows it's followers to get daily deals at local businesses.


The big idea of this concept works well for many business, but not for the massage industry. When a therapist is so overworked from doing more massages than his or her body can handle, the quality of massage will decrease. The problem is, many people who are purchasing these deals, are having their first ever massage experience. This deeply concerns me, as I strive to raise the bar on the quality and level of professionalism in my massage community.


If my schedule is full of new clients who are more concerned about getting a deal than seeking out a highly reputable therapist to help improve their health, I will ultimately have a calendar filled with clients who will just move on to the next deal when it arrives. More importantly, it will take my time and energy away from focusing on my loyal clients, who value their health and my time. I am not willing to put the people who've helped me grow my business on the back burner, just to build my client list.


Getting a deal does not mean you're getting the best service. Period. And, the quality of service is what I am all about! I take pride in building trusting, meaningful relationships with my clients, and that is how I intend to continue growing my business.


If you, or someone you know, has purchased a massage session through one of these sites, and were not 100% satisfied, please call Bobbi at 607.351.2113. I will deduct the amount you paid for your coupon from a 90 minute session fee and give you the session you deserve! Contact me for more information.


If you're one of my loyal clients, I thank you. Thank you for allowing me to touch your life and giving me the outlet to know I am making a difference in the world. You rock!

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