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Gardens Galore!

My sincere apologies, as I have not written in far too long! But my new raised garden beds look fabulous & are filled with beans, tomatoes, squash, zucchini, peppers, cucumbers, herbs & tons of lettuce!


Now you all know how I love the Public Market... but there is something absolutely magical about growing your own food. I'd originally thought it was too late to put a garden in the ground when we moved in, so instead, I decided to line my patio with planters of tomatoes, herbs, and lettuce. My thinking was that we needed to observe the sun throughout the summer, have the soil tested by the Cornell Co-Op Extension, then next year we'd have a really great garden.


Along came my dad... with his truck & trailer filled up with tools, tillers, mulch, plants, and even a tractor. Yes, a tractor! My parents came in from 2 hours out of town on a Friday & when they pulled in I was expecting HGTV to be right behind them. It was like we won the gardening jackpot!


Fast forward to Sunday evening of that weekend, and we now have two beautiful raised garden beds, and the beginning to some curb appeal on the front of the house. Yahoo!


Now don't think I am neglecting the market... It's where I purchased most of the plants I put in the bed. (It was definitely too late to start my own seeds.) Starting in early May for 6 weeks, it's home to Flower City Days at the Market, where you have the entire place filled with plant vendors. I purchased my four lettuce varieties, herbs and some tomatoes from an organic, grown in compost, local company. All of my others came from a vendor who is there every weekend.


When I say there is something magical about growing your own food, I mean it. With the heat this week, it's really important to stay on top of watering in the morning & evening. When I'm out there, hose in hand, marveling at these little plants growing- it's amazing! I'm reminded of how magnificent Mother Earth is in collaboration with the sun, water & a little love from me. I never thought I'd see the day where I could call my self a 'gardener,' and here it is.


I hear a lot of people say they don't have space to grow things. Hogwash!  Planters are a good way to start. Gardening is trial and error. Write down each year what you plant, what worked, what didn't. Each year you'll get better, and you'll soon be raving about watching your veggies grow!


Garden on my friends!

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