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What's With The Self Love Talk?

You're probably wondering why there is so much more self love talkin' going on around here lately, eh?


Well to be honest, I have NEVER in my life been as happy with and grateful for MY body as I am right now.



Ten years ago, where I am now would be completely incomprehensible to me... I hated my body. I shamed it. I cursed it. I abused it. I binged and purged it.


Did you know that two thirds of women (I don't know the male stats) have disordered eating and body image issues? TWO THIRDS!


In the past week, I saw a friend share that she'd recently been in a facility getting help with her eating disorder and another friend told me she set up a meeting to get help for hers. 


So while yes, I own a massage practice, I have a bigger message to share. And guess what? I'm not holding back anymore because damn it, there are too many people who need to hear what I've got to say.


Life is better when you love yourself. Every area of your life will improve when you realize that you cannot get this love from ANYONE or ANYTHING. It's within you. You are the only person standing in your way from living a life full of love.


And let's be honest, it feels pretty crappy not to be happy with yourself and your life.


You were born full of love. It's been eroded over the years, but I am going to remind you that it's in you and you can get back in touch with it.


We're a culture starved for love and it's time we change that. It's time we embodied something other than shame and hated to teach our children.


Share this with your friends and let's make a change together, shall we?

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