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Q&A with future LMTs

I love getting together with prospective & current massage students to let them know I am resource for them. I love supporting & inspiring them to really think about how they are going to contribute & help make our profession better. Chatting with students is my way of planting the seed early in their career that we need to work together to raise the bar for massage therapy.


This afternoon, I met with a couple ladies who are currently in massage school. (Great individuals who are going to make an impact in this profession!) They wanted to interview me for a pregnancy project they're working on & after answering their questions, I thought you might be interested in reading some of my answers:


What do you like about owning your own massage therapy practice?


I love working for myself. I love making my own schedule, having a schedule that varies. I enjoy knowing that my business is making a difference in the world. I love being able to connect one on one with people & let them know someone cares for them. Owning my own practice makes me feel like I have no limits as to what I can achieve, meaning I am not comparing my self to anyone, I’m just doing what needs to be done to provide superior service & raise the bar for our profession.


What sparked your interest in prenatal massage?


I don’t know, but I know it’s exactly what I am supposed to be doing. I just had this strong urge within me to pursue more with it. I remember having the thought in school, that I’d be doubling my impact on the world by working on two lives at a time. Before anything else in life, I’m a humanitarian. I want to make the world better & I felt like pregnancy massage was a way to impact a life before many people think they can.


What is your favorite part of prenatal massage?


Supporting a momma during pregnancy is so special for me. I feel like we don’t honor pregnant women in this country how we should. The mother’s experiences during pregnancy shapes the development of the baby. Caring about the way pregnant woman are treated, is simply caring about the future of humanity. It’s an honor for me to help moms by creating a relaxing experience, providing an exceptional session & supporting them throughout & after the birth.


In what ways have you seen your clients benefit from prenatal massage?


Physically, the massage helps to alleviate common issues such as (low & mid) back pain, pelvic discomfort, leg cramping, sciatic nerve compression, minor swelling of hands & feet, & an overall rundown feeling. Emotionally, mommas feel relieved that they have someone to confide in about how they feel about the pregnancy, their worries, fears & concerns, without judgment. Many women comment on how much closer they feel to the baby after receiving massage, as well as learning awareness about their body. This awareness helps them with labor & delivery, to feel & trust their bodies.


What has been the most rewarding thing about working with your clients?


Genuinely connecting with other people, supporting them on their life’s journey.




Thank you Lynn & Katie for letting me share my experiences with you! Now, rock that presentation out!!

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