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Creating Your Health Care Team


Massage is only one aspect of your health care. Any professional who supports you on your personal health journey is part of this team. Have you given much thought to your team lately? Your team can include:


Primary Doctor

OBGYN / Midwife


Any Specialist (Podiatrist, Neurologist, Dermatologist ect.)

Massage Therapist



Fitness Instructors

Personal Trainers


Psychologist / Psychotherapist

Intuitive / Medium

I think it's a great idea to have a list of all of your team in one document.  As a therapist, I love when clients bring these lists in to me. It gives me a greater understanding of how you take care of yourself and it allows me to be exposed to the best names in health care. 


Do you have any gaps in your list? Are you looking for a new chiropractor? Maybe you'd like to talk with a nutritionist about your diet? Thinking about trying some personal training? I have networks of professionals that I refer people to all the time. Just contact me or ask the next time you come in for a massage!


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