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When's the best time to get a pregnancy massage?


"My wife is 7 months pregnant. Is it too late for her to get a pregnancy massage?"


"I am still in my first trimester, do I have to wait until my second trimester to get a massage?"


"I'm ready to give birth any day now, but my body is uncomfortable. Can I still get a massage?"


These are just a few of the phone calls and email inquires I have fielded in the past week. And this week is no different than any other. So, when is the best time for a massage if you're pregnant?




Yes, really. If you're healthy and are not experiencing any complications, massage can be received all throughout pregnancy.


There is a common misperception that women in their first trimester cannot receive massage because it could possibly cause a miscarriage. This is false. If a miscarriage is to happen, it will happen regardless of receiving a massage or not. There is not a single body of evidence that supports this notion. Think about all the women who are regular receivers of massage therapy who continue to have appointments before they even know they are pregnant! There would be an absolute uproar and beheading of massage therapists everywhere if this were the case.


(It is important to note that most therapists who shy away from 1st trimester massage do so because they have not studied at length the topic of pregnancy massage. It is within the scope of practice for a NYS Licensed Massage Therapist to massage pregnant women without having additional education, however, wouldn't you rather see a therapist who has an in depth knowledge, passion and love for it?)


Many of the moms I see who come in with a gift certificate that they received (they make great shower gifts!) wait until the end of pregnancy. The  most common thing I hear from them is, "I don't know why I waited so long, I should have been getting massage throughout my pregnancy!" I agree, but let them know it's never too late to incorporate massage into your healthy lifestyle (and let all your pregnant friends know about pregnancy massage too).


Then I have the mommas who know all about massage and the amazingness it adds to their lives on a regular basis. A few of them come every week, some every two weeks or every month. But once she is nearing the finish line, it's as much as she can get in! I don't like to tell you how often to get massage, I'd rather encourage you to listen to your body. It will let you know when you need bodywork.


And when it does, you can schedule 24 hours a day at Bodywork by Bobbi, where you'll be supported, honored and nurtured for the beautiful woman you are and the little life you're growing!




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