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Creating Spaces

A cozy space makes for a better experience.


I have always loved designing rooms that other people feel comfortable in. I habitually rearranged my bedroom & the living room growing up. When I was in college, my futon was home to many lounging friends of good company. Now I get to create & innovate a beautiful massage office, while renovating & creating my first home...and I love it!


I believe that when you're comfortable before the massage, it helps to put you at ease in what can be a very vulnerable situation. I understand the idea of massage (showing up to a new location to let a stranger touch you, without your clothes on, in a room with just the two of you... yes, this can be nerve wracking!) The environment you walk into immediately has an effect on you.


Now that Melissa & Colleen are officially gone and Alaina & Heather are settling in, I've decided to take over a different treatment room. I'm excited to create another little space for you to let it all go in. I look at designing this room as another opportunity to make your experience that much better than before.


This will be happening in the next week, so be sure to get on the schedule & come check it out!


Next time you're in a new environment, notice how it makes you feel. You deserve to spend time in places that make you feel good!






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