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The Fast Filling Schedule


Quality over quantity.


For the most part, all of you have been amazingly kind & supportive that my schedule has been booked out a couple weeks for a while now. I appreciate your kind words. They let me know you're willing to wait for quality. Thank you, I appreciate that.


Occasionally, I get some aggravated responses...


I can only touch so many of you in a day. I limit my sessions to 5 per day FOR YOU.


Trust me, it would be really easy & lucrative to jam pack sessions in a day. You know, while you:


wait for me to finish with someone else,

wait for me to change the room over,

respond to an always urgent email or call,

wash dishes,


take note of our last session.


I like to have a few minutes of time between my appointments to get ready for you. To give you the best experience, every time. Overworked therapists are not happy therapists and the quality of massage will significantly decrease. Not to mention said therapists would't be much of a joy to be around!


So I expanded for you, for the profession of massage, for the therapists, and for myself.


I believe the experience of massage is not just great technique on the table, it's so many more little details all kneaded and rolled into itself. From the moment you think you need a massage and schedule your appointment, until the next time you return, I want to make your experience better than the average massage appointment.


I chose to bring newer therapists into my space because I want to have a hand (pun intended!) in cultivating therapists with high standards who will in turn, leave one day & open a really kick ass practice of their own. I want Rochester to be filled with superior quality massage businesses that serve us all. I want to say I made a difference in the profession.


I want therapists to know they can make a great living doing massage and that they deserve to be paid more than $25 per session. That they can do massage for a long time, nevermind that typical 7 year burnout rate.


I want to make a difference in MORE lives.


So, the next time you see I'm booked up longer than you'd like to wait, hop on Alaina or Heather's table. This is why they are here. There is no one better to help make them better therapists than you. Give them feedback. Tell them what's good AND not so good. Help me, help them, help you.







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