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Have you seen the commercial for the University of Rochester Medical Center with the lovely music and very catchy line, "Medicine of The Highest Order"? It gets me every time. We have a really phenomenal medical community doing big things at our local hospitals, universities, clinics & private practices. How lucky are we?!


While chatting with a client last week after our session, we were noticing the differences from when she first began to get massage here. How when you get on the table regularly, the massages keep getting better and better. How, when we are both in that room, it's not just her on the table receiving & me giving the massage like two separate entities, it's a synergy of two people working together as one. Then the words kind of just flowed out of my mouth, "It's beautiful isn't it? It's like bodywork of the highest order."


You see, something really beautiful & almost magical happens when you get massage regularly. Your body knows where it is, what is about to happen and as soon as you lay on the table before I even walk into the treatment room, you are in what I call 'the massage zone' more quickly than most people. (Honestly, this is really hard to type into words without it sounding all woo-woo.)


Just this past week, another client said, "It's like your hands are inside of my body, like you're a part of me." Then we talked about the ability to go right to the threshold of it being painful, yet knowing just when to back off. I smiled & asked him if he knew about the aforementioned commercial.


It's my hope that everyone can experience this high level of bodywork, be it at Bodywork by Bobbi & Co. or wherever you are currently getting massage.





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