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Preparing For Birth With Massage Therapy


Some days it’s hard for me accept how much joy it brings me to support women during pregnancy and post-partum. I’ve yet to give birth, so I often think who am I to be of service to these women? Except that every ounce of my being comes alive when I read about fertility, conception, pregnancy, labor, delivery, newborns, the care of these women, or lack there of. Every time a woman walks out of my office in less pain than she arrived in, happier & more connected to her baby, I feel alive. I feel like I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing. So I respond to that voice in my head with, who am I not to?

This week one of my momma’s said her friend told her she used massage during pregnancy to help prepare her body for the birth. She asked my thoughts on this while she was on the table, so I gave a short answer & promised to write a post about it.

When you receive regular bodywork throughout your pregnancy, you are giving yourself the opportunity to learn about your body. Touch is essential for awareness and you’ll need to be fully aware of how you’re feeling during the labor as your body is giving you the signals of what to do & when to do it.

You’ll also have an amazing opportunity without distractions to learn about and communicate with your baby. After all, you are only half of the equation. You and your baby are working together during labor and delivery. The bond you create while in a relaxed state on the massage table builds trust with your unborn baby. This trust in each other and yourself is extremely important and I don’t think we emphasize it enough in our culture.

Regular massage during pregnancy lowers the amount and severity of back & hip pain. It keeps stress at bay and allows you much needed time to rest, in addition to getting better sleep at night after your sessions.

Having a safe space and compassionate professional to support you throughout this transformative time is important. I listen without judgement to your concerns and support you where you’re at, while reminding you, you’re doing the best you can. So when the time comes, you’ll trust in your innate ability to to birth your baby.

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