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Rochester Public Market


The Rochester Public Market is one of my favorite places in Rochester. I've often referred to it as my 'happy place' because people just seem to be in a great mood there, as am I, wandering about the produce, coming up with new recipe ideas!


Did you know it won last year's award for the Best Public Market in America?  Yep, right here in our community we have the best market around, which is why I am genuinely shocked when I hear from long time residents that they've never been there.

Today I stocked up on ripe bananas to keep in the

freezer for chocolate peanut butter banana ice cream, to add to buckwheat pancakes, or make muffins with. About 30 bananas was $2.00. I just peel them & freeze them whole, washing out the ziplock bag when I run out to reuse the next time.


Also for $2.00 I got 8 crowns of broccoli. I cut them down to florets & keep a bag in freezer as well for stir fry, or to steam or saute for an easy side at dinner.


A bunch of summer squash, zucchini, carrots, mushrooms & onions for grilled veggies tomorrow. I love my grill wok for this. Just chop up any combo of veggies you like. I always make big batches & use them throughout the week. Toss into pasta for a quick dish, use as topping for grilled pizza, eat cold for lunch, use to make a veggie panini sandwich... Lots of options!


What else did I get?


Fresh Salmon- we always keep this in the freezer. Our favorite way is blackened with Dinosaur BBQ rub. Quick easy & delish.

Fresh Shrimp- Some to top our salads on 'big bowl salad night' & some for a new barley & shrimp dish I'm making.

Thyme- pictured above, I made thyme butter for grilled corn on the cob for tomorrow's dinner party.

Tomatoes- lots of them!

Concord Grapes- perfect snack to keep out on the counter while doing house projects :)

Lemons- to make salad dressing, squeeze in water & of course chicken piccata later this week!

& more!


So if you've never been to the market, I suggest you get your self downtown. There is plenty of parking, they just built a new foot bridge from one of the lots so you don't have to cross the street anymore & there are a bunch of improvements coming down the pipeline as well. Did I mention, you will save significantly on your produce bill?!

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