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My Experience At The Bodymind Float Center


We tend to forget that our lives begin in water... 


A warm, soothing, dark cocoon that completely envelopes us, keeping us safe.


I don’t know about you, but being in or near water has always been soothing for me. I do my best thinking in the shower or bathtub, and I feel connected and calm overlooking a lake, ocean, or river. 


Yesterday, I visited Rochester’s newly opened Bodymind Float Center. A clean & serene space just off Park Avenue that welcomes you to come float away your stress. It was heavenly!


My friend Dr. Emily Queenan of Queenan Family Medicine tried this and was the first to tell me about it, suggesting I try it. She was right, I loved my first floating experience!


David met me when I arrived. He and his wife Pattie started their float center business recently, as David first experienced it in Seattle just last year. He was hooked and knew almost immediately that he wanted to bring this experience to Rochester.

Rochester Bodymind Center Float Tank


After checking in and signing a release form, David showed me back to the room. He explained the procedure to shower before and after, recommended the use of earplugs, and showed me the functions of the float tank.


I can’t lie, I was nervous about being enclosed in the tank! I freak out when I get caught up taking a sweatshirt off, so I planned to leave the door open. But, once I slipped into the tank, I figured I would try it closed. I didn’t open it back up until the music started playing 90 minutes later telling me my time was up. I turned the light off, closed my eyes and just floated.


It took a little while for me to quiet my mind, but having just come from receiving massage, it wasn’t long before I was completely zoned out. The room is warm and the water is heated to body temperature. There is about 10-12 inches of water in the tank, and yes you really float!


I thought there would surely be a part of me still touching the bottom, but once you’re in there, you really do just float. It is quite beautiful to feel so weightless, yet the smallest movement feels magnified by the water.


I distinctly remember zoning out two lengthy times, coming to because my body twitched. I’d adjust my arms to a new position (above my head, under my head or on my abdomen) and now looking back at the experience, I’d say each time I went even deeper into the relaxed state. You get up to 90 minutes in the tank and for this reason I’d suggest staying in the whole time.


After your float is over and you’ve showered off the salt water, there is a separate room to freshen up in, including blowdryers. 


David greeted me back out in the reception room and we chatted all about the center and how it came to be. He is genuinely excited to bring floating to Rochester and it shows!


I’d highly recommend trying out a session, and if you enjoy it, add it in to your self-care regimen as you see fit. I think I will definitely do this more in the colder months than the summer, but will surely make it a regular part of my own self care.

Bodymind Center Float Tank


I would also strongly encourage pregnant mommas to give this a try during your 2nd and 3rd trimesters. Being in water takes so much pressure off your joints, and you will love feeling so light in the water. It’s a wonderful way to love yourself and your baby, while reducing your stress during pregnancy, which is so important!


Next time, I plan to schedule myself a massage after my float session and see if there is a difference in my bodywork session. After that, I will schedule a float without a massage on the same day and see how I like that experience as well.


From their website you can schedule online and right now they have a $10 off first time floater discount. So, go check it out and let me know how you liked it! But, be sure to tell them Bodywork by Bobbi sent you!



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