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Long Day, Late Night


It's Friday! It's after 10:30 PM & I am just getting home from the office for the day. Another AMAZING day at Bodywork by Bobbi & Co.that ended giving a new dad his first ever massage. Mom dropped him off & came in so I could see their 4 week old baby boy who'd accompanied her a few weeks earlier for a pregnancy massage. Dad is now a massage believer and some infant massage instruction classes just might be in the near future for us all! 


Preceded by 4 other really awesome sessions:


An hour gift certificate given as a thank you gift was redeemed. She is now committed to making massage a part of her life every other month & said it was the best thank you gift ever.


A session with a regular client who has been seeing me longer than anyone. He was the first client who found me after my website had launched, and honestly, believed in me before I believed in myself. He inspires me. Keeps me humble. Keeps me on my game.


Break! A quick trip out to drop off some official paperwork & grab a Starbucks. I used to work there, did you know that? Oh & I love coffee. Last week while I was home, my parents gave me their espresso machine! :)


Before that I had a new momma 37 weeks along. She's a hair dresser & on her feet all day. One of her regulars (a regular of mine) told her she should come in for a session. Said it was the best massage she'd ever had.


And lastly, I started my day with an early morning session. Earlier than normal, but he is leaving tomorrow for a pretty intense competitive challenge in Toronto. Another regular client, he committed to almost weekly sessions recently with Alaina to get prepped for it. This was it before the big day.


You can see why I am generally a happy person? Almost all of my days at my office are this awesome. I touch your lives and you touch mine.


Now I am home. I'm excited to chat about the house projects we have planned to do this weekend. Oh & about the menu for dinner on Sunday when our parents come up. But, I had to write today's post.

Now, please excuse me. I'm going to enjoy a Canadian libation with my love who patiently waited for me to write this.


Life is good & I am grateful. How's your Friday night going?










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