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When stress builds up in your life (& you've been away from the massage table for too long), it's easy to suppress your emotions and keep them bottled up inside. Eventually though, those emotions are going to come bursting out and it just might happen on the massage table. I want you to know this is absolutely OK, you are not alone, and it's more common than you think.


Being stressed is a physical and emotional state. While, or after, receiving a massage it is actually quite common for the flood gates to open up and for you to let it all go. The physical tension in your body is melting away and sometimes that leaves you to deal with the raw emotion that was attached to it.


The massage room is a safe nurturing place for you to let go, so without a thought, tears seem to come out of no where. I'm here to support you, so if that means taking a break for a moment then that's what we do. Some people like to continue with the massage and the crying dwindles after a few minutes.


For others, it might hit them after they come out of the session. For a lot of people, stress and tension goes unnoticed for so long that when they feel good and pain free, they cry tears of happiness. Many people say they don't even know why they are crying, and that's OK too.


So the next time you're feeling that little ball in your throat, please know you do not need to hold it in, nor does it serve you to do so. I have plenty of tissues, so let it flow & let it go. I'm here to support you.


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