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Lentil Bolognese Recipe


Have you ever eaten lentils? I used to be scared of them because I had no clue what they were or what do to with them, but since I've learned, I LOVE THEM!


Packed with protein, they're a great way to replace meat. I don't like to eat meat more than a couple times a week, so we eat lentils often. This is my favorite way to make them. You can buy them in bulk since they're a dry good and they'll last for 12 months.


I was given a photocopy of this recipe from some dear friends of mine who worked for the massage school when I attended. Super simple to make, delicious & healthy! You can eat it as is, or serve it over pasta or rice.


I actually multiply the batch by 2 or 3 and portion a couple Tupperware containers to keep on hand in the freezer. Makes for a super quick, easy & healthy dinner when time is tight. Take it out the night before & let it thaw in the fridge. Warm in a saucepan & serve over fresh pasta topped with fresh parm & herbs from your garden if you've got them!


Since my fingers are precious, I hate chopping large quantities of carrots. I tried to shred them & while it tasted fine, I wasn't a fan of the texture. Now I always use a bag of pre cut matchstick carrots and give those a rough chop before. Saves a lot of time & my fingers are still whole to massage with.


If you don't like marjoram, experiment with your favorite herb. I've used oregano or basil & both turned out good.


Here are snapshots of my original copy of the recipe. Give this a try & let me know what you think!






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