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Observation, Perspective, Guidance


I read this phenomenal post by a therapist I highly respect this morning. Within 10 minutes I made it a point to warm my coffee and go relax. Within minutes both dogs were on my lap sleeping, my feet were up and I was blissfully relaxing in silence. I stayed there for 30 minutes...


Why is it that we don't take enough time to relax? Do we think we don't deserve to relax and feel good? I am quite puzzled by this.


You've heard me say that I believe awareness is the biggest gift massage gives us. While you're on the table, you become the observer. Once the endorphins reach your brain and the chatter dies down, you become more aware of your body and what's going on with it. You start to see from a different viewpoint, like you're removed from your everyday operating perspective. Hovering just slightly above. Watching. Observing. Feeling. Being.


Life is so busy! We forget to enjoy it because we get stuck rushing from thing to thing. There is always more to do and to get done. You're mostly on autopilot, but you don't realize it because your mind is never really present to be able to observe the thought. Unfortunately this means, yep you guessed it, no time for relaxing. It's the first thing to go when we are stressed about all we have to do.


It should really be the opposite.


Seeing your life from a more removed, observatory perspective is important. You see where things are flowing or where they're stagnated. You notice what needs attention and what is eating up too much. You'll know what's really important to make time for and what can be let go of. You just see things differently.


When we make time for relaxing, we are really creating space to listen to our soul. I think our soul is the observing and guiding part of ourselves that humanity has neglected and ignored for quite some time now. I believe we are going through a huge shift of consciousness, where people are creating personal change in their lives to live happier and healthier.


I see it everyday because for many people, massage is the only time they have to connect with this part of themselves. Or, for a few, its the first time they've ever experienced this observer point of view.


This is why massage is so powerful. It really does have an effect on each of the 3 parts that make you human: body, mind & soul.


The neglect of the soul is more apparent now than ever. It's a component often left out of taking care of ourselves. I think it's why we are a touch deprived society. Touch is what we're craving, but we don't know it. We don't know it's missing until we get it on the massage table.


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