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Life Lessons


Everything in life is a lesson. Lessons repeat themselves over and over in many forms until you recognize them and learn from these situations. For many of us, myself included, patience is a lesson that keeps coming up.


Really, the first time I learned the value of patience, was by giving a massage. Your body tells me where attention is needed and when I feel that resistance, I sink in slowly. Then it's patience on my part. Coupled with awareness of your breath and any movements you make, voluntary or involuntary, I patiently wait for your body to give me a clue on how to proceed.


A couple of years ago while driving home, I came to the conclusion that traffic was like your body in a sense- I can't force it, I just need to slowly move on with the utmost patience. No one else WANTED to be sitting in traffic either, so it makes no sense for us drivers to get irritated with one another. My driving has significantly changed since that thought occurred to me.


The other night, while out for a glass of Brachetto, the service was a bit slow. Some people in my group were getting anxious about the wait, but I'd just come from the office so I was quickly reminded about patience. I chose to not engage in the worry and angst about when our waiter would be back. Instead, I chose to savor the moment sitting outside, glass in hand of my favorite adult beverage, not feeling rushed out of a busy restaurant for once. Patience reminded me to linger and enjoy my company. Patience reminded me to have compassion for the waiter who had too many tables to keep straight. After all, he wasn't consciously choosing to serve us slowly.


Everyday, you remind me to have patience in our sessions and this translates into me having more patience throughout my life. Thank you for being a huge part of that lesson for me.


So, I challenge you- is there somewhere in your life you could practice a little more patience? Look for the lessons. They help you grow.


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