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Welcoming Change


It’s this time of year I crave change. It’s happening all around on a physical level with the transition into Autumn... the colors vibrant, converting rapidly, falling into a straightaway of cold outside, but an emanating warmth and comfort within. It’s hard to ignore, isn’t it?
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I see it with all of you, too. The best part of what I do is supporting you in your transitions... Into motherhood, healthier lifestyle choices, following your dreams, career changes, becoming more of the beautiful person you innately are. It is such an honor to support you in your life, wherever you are, and I thank you for allowing me the privilege.

Chelse at EIEIO Photography has been featuring local businesses on Mondays to her followers. Today, she featured me! (Thank you!)

It’s a gift to read about myself from her perspective. It reminded me that I have a bigger purpose here. It reminded me that in big picture, I’m doing just fine.

I get weighed down that I’m not doing enough in life sometimes. Do you feel like this too? If I’m working, I feel like I’m not at home enough. If I am home, I feel like I am not working enough. It’s mentally exhausting.

Change is knocking at the door & I’m about to welcome her inside.

So while you might notice changes happening around BBB, I encourage you to take a look at your life. Are there internal changes you could make to create changes in your outside physical world?

See change. Embrace change. Create change. Be the change.

Nature makes change look so effortless & graceful, doesn’t she? Let’s join her!

I’m working on rewriting my business plan, my schedule will be changing & the website will soon have much more to offer you!

Cooler weather heightens the awareness of the tension we hold in our body. Think about being outside... notice your shoulders inching up closer to your ears? The heated table & my skilled hands melt it away, so my schedule tends to fill up faster in the cooler months.

Be sure to schedule out your appointments for the rest of year, I’m filling into December already! Don’t forget, you can always get on my cancellation list for last minute appointment openings.

Changes abound, but my commitment to providing you with the highest level of bodywork while elevating the massage profession will not waiver.

I look forward to seeing you soon!



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