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Do You Dukkah?


Ever heard of Dukkah? It's an Egyptian blend of nuts & spices commonly used in Middle Eastern dishes. I found this bag of deliciousness at the Rochester Public Market. (That's going on tomorrow by the way, get out to it if you can!)




I love spicy food, so I opted for this company's spicy dukkah-the Dukkah Hazzard. It wasn't too hot, but has a nice kick after a couple of bites.


The bag isn't that big & you might balk at the $8 price tag, but a little goes a long way. Besides, if you bought everything to make it yourself, you'd easily pay $50 at Wegman's. And, you're supporting a local business. I like that!


As an appetizer, I like to dump a bunch on some fresh cooked & peeled shrimp. Leave the tails on for dipping. Chill in the fridge & serve cold with garlic sour cream for dipping. A nice change up from typical shrimp cocktail.


My favorite way to dukkah is by crusting salmon with it. Baking is OK, but pan frying is best. It forms this awesome crusty, crunchy, spicy, nutty coat on the outside that is so flavorful and complements the meatier flakes of the sweet, moist fish soooo perfectly.




Here's a very common dinner at home for me & Adam- dukkah crusted salmon, green beans & a salad. Looks good, right?


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