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Customized Treatment

As your body surrenders to receiving healing touch, my hands will recognize this release. This allows your body to guide me in what it needs to heal. My intention is to give your body what it needs to restore and maintain optimal health, and I could not do this by giving a specific treatment. massageEvery massage I give is unique, incorporating different aspects from many massage modalities. While taking your current health into account, I will customize each of your sessions in order for you to gain the maximum benefits of massage.


30 Minute Customized Therapeutic Massage $40

60 Minute Customized Therapeutic Massage $70

90 Minute Customized Therapeutic Massage $100


Customized Treatment Packages

60 Minute Sessions

5 Sessions: $325 Save $25!

10 Sessions: $650 Save $50!

90 Minute Sessions

5 Session: $450 Save $50!

10 Sessions: $900 Save $100!  


Upper Body Exclusive

Do you find yourself feeling tense after only a couple of hours at work? This session is specifically designed to target muscles in your back, neck, shoulders and arms for those of you that work long hours at a computer. Your body will thank you! These sessions can also be purchased in a package, which makes a great gift to let your employees know how much you appreciate them!


30 Minute Treatment $40

60 Minute Treatment $70


Upper Body Exclusive Packages

Great for gift giving to employees!


30 Minute 10-Pack: $350 Save $50!

(Please call to customize this package)


Pregnancy Massage

Caution: This might be the best part of your pregnancy! Pregnancy places your body under enormous stress, and massage can help relieve physical discomforts such as low back pain, sinus congestion, leg cramping and edema. By soothing the parasympathetic nervous system, pregnancy massage not only reduces your stress level, but the stress placed on your baby as well. This massage is done in a side-lying position, and you will be securely propped with cozy pillows. This makes a great shower gift, just don't forget about dad!


40 Minute Pregnancy Massage $60

70 Minute Pregnancy Massage $90



Pregnancy Packages

These make great shower gifts!


Parents to be: One 70 Minute Pregnancy Session for her & One 60 Minute Customized Session for her partner!

$150 Save $10!


The Mommy Pack: Two 40 Minute Sessions & three 70 Minute Sessions.

$350 Save $40!

















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