2009 Expressions of Gratitude [current]



2009 Expressions of Gratitude


Lydia is the best daughter ever! She helps me out around the house. She helped paint at OSTM without getting paid (we did the hands-on room cubbies). She doesn't always LIKE helping me out...but she does it because she loves me. She's also an awesome dancer and musician - and just plain brings joy to my life. I'm so grateful she's my daughter! -Submitted by Michelle for her daughter Lydia

Kathy lost her husband, my brother, in June to brain cancer. It has been a really difficult past two years for her as she cared for my brother and her three children tirelessly, while also working as a school bus driver. She is a uniquely strong woman who takes life hurdles in stride and rarely complains. She deserves a year of massages, but one will do for now. -Submitted by Chris for her sister Kathy



My mother has always done an awesome job raising me right. She was a single mother and worked numerous jobs in order to take care and provide for me. Now, I am 28 and don't know anyone who would be more deserving. -Submitted by James for his mom Kristine



She is the best girlfriend ever. She has proven to be my best friend through all of life's challenges. She is very supportive and I couldn't ask for a better partner. -Submitted by James for his girlfriend Jen


She battles fibromylagia ever day but still continues to get up, take care of her family, teach, love, and cherish every moment on earth. She is always there when I need to laugh, cry, scream, or whatever it may be. And well quite simply because she is the best sister ever! -Submitted by Kristin for her sister Brandi



Jessie is one of the most incredible ladies I know. In addition to being a great wife, mom and friend---she is an incredible nurse. Jess cares for very ill and dying children. She not only cares for them, but also the families of these amazing children. How she does this day after day is just inspiring to me. She deserves to be cared for the way she cares for others--she's the BEST! -Submitted by Dina for her friend Jessie


This recently married bride must now take on the important task of being my Matron of Honor. She is definitely going to need some relaxation after putting up with up me :-). She is a dedicated nurse at a very challenging nursing home, but she treats each patient like family and even visited them on her wedding day! The smiles on the residence's faces when they saw her in her wedding gown was priceless! -Submitted by Kristin for her best friend Melissa



This amazing young mother of 3 and wife still finds time to make me feel special. She provides the greatest love to her family that any one person can. She has pulled me through some rough moments over the last 10 years. I am honored to have her in my life. -Submitted by Kristin for her best friend Melody


Who else can you call at 10pm and say I'm headed to Rochester please wait up for me and when you arrive she is standing at the door with a huge smile and hug. Ready to help you solve one more gigantic mess you have gotten yourself into. Well let me tell you this woman will help you out of ANYTHING! I can not tell you how thankful I am that she housed me, fed me, and counseled me during my days at RGH. I only hope that one day I can be 1/2 the mother, nurse, and wife that she is! -Submitted by Kristin for her friend Dina


This woman is the 'Jill of all Trades'. Anything and everything I ever ask of her she has delivered. Thank goodness my brother married her! -Submitted by Kristin for her sister Christina


Kristin on one of my best friends. There is nothing she wouldn't do for anyone. She loves her family, friends and life in general whole heartedly. She is an incredible nurse and a great girlfriend. With the stresses of planning her upcoming wedding, I'm sure she could use some relaxation. Bobbi--you are just the lady for this job! Love you and miss you Kris! -Submitted by Dina for her friend Kristin



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