Experience the Difference



At Bodywork by Bobbi, you are not just another client.

You're my priority.


Upon entering, I welcome you to feel... Become aware of the sense of peace and belonging...


The warm, comforting atmosphere is only the beginning of your experience. I build trusting relationships with each of my clients in order to better understand how I can help you receive the most from massage.


Whether you are looking to disconnect from the stresses of the world, seeking relief from the pain in your low back, neck and shoulders, or you're a pregnant momma in need of touch & support, we'll work together to achieve your personal goals.


Bodywork by Bobbi is your safe space let go of your stresses. Open, honest communication is the key to superior quality massage therapy and I encourage you to always communicate your needs, likes, and dislikes. If there is anything I can do to make your massage experience better for you, I want to know about it!


After your session, I encourage you to share your experience. I will also let you know what I noticed. We'll work together on how to improve for the next session. (For example, you might say you'd like more work in specific area, I might suggest a stretch or two.) This is how we cultivate bodywork of the highest order.


Despite what you've probably heard, drinking water after a massage does not flush out toxins released by massage. It is however, important for your body to be properly hydrated, so I suggest drinking plenty of aqua the day of your massage.


Try not to schedule too many things after your session. Plan to go home and really enjoy the after glow of therapeutic touch. You'll be glad you did!



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