2008 Expressions of Gratitude


2008 Expressions of Gratitude


Dina is an exceptional nurse, mother of two boys, giving wife, wonderful daughter, and most of all my fantabulous friend. She works so hard to please others that I would like to give her a moment to have someone pamper her so she knows just how special and important she is.  - Kristin



Deb is the most thoughtful & caring friend one could have. She is fun and always welcomes everyone with open arms. She is there when you need anything, and will do anything to make a cloudy day sunny.  - Corri

(To Alfred) For being an inspirational loving husband to my grandmother, a humble leader by the example of his life led with rock-solid integrity, for being a frugal consumer and teaching the value of self-worth, and for being the bestest opa in the world.  - Diane



Corri is a person of many many talents. Not only creative but a great support and listener. She is always there and willing to do anything for anyone. Even at the last minute when I have no one else she will immediately step right in. When you need a good buddy just to have a nice glass of wine with she is your girl!!!!!! Thanks for being my BFF!  - Debbie



Mary is one of the most caring, underappreciated people I know. She is such a hard worker, always there to help anyone and everyone, and always putting herself last. I think it would be awesome for her to be pampered! Besides being a sister, she is my best friend.  - JoAnne



I thank Richard Welch, my husband, who is the sweetest man in the world. I am very fortunate to have him as a partner, best friend, and husband. He is caring, honest, trustworthy, generous, patient, beyond humble, giving, creative, helpful and kind to others. The best thing about him is he sees the issue at hand, whatever it may be, and is realistic and sets everything in perspective.  - Harriet




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