Therapeutic Massage Services for Women


Customized Massage Session

The most common form of massage, Swedish massage uses long, flowing, rhythmic strokes to reduce stress and improve muscle tone. As your body surrenders to receiving healing touch, my hands will recognize this release and this allows your body to guide me in what it needs to heal. My intention is to give your body what it needs to restore and maintain optimal health, so each of your sessions will be customized in order for you to gain the maximum benefits of massage. 30, 60, or 90 Minutes. $60, $100 & $140.


Deep Tissue Massage

A treatment oriented session to relieve chronic tension and pain in specific areas. Similar to a Swedish massage with concentrated areas worked on a slower, deeper level to address multiple layers of musculature. Short strokes, friction, and static pressure, will be used in conjunction to break up adhesions or "knots". 30, 60, or 90 Minutes. $60, $100 & $140.


Upper Body Exclusive

Don't feel like you need a full body session? Find yourself feeling tense after only a couple of hours at work? This session is specifically designed to target muscles in your back, neck, shoulders and arms for those of you that work long hours at a computer. Your body will thank you! 30 or 60 Minutes. $60 & $100.

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