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Your honest feedback helps us to be better therapists- It helps us so we can give you a better experience & it helps us do our part in 'raising the bar' for the massage profession and quality of service offered. We appreciate you taking the time to fill this out. Thank you!


Who was your therapist? Melissa    Alaina
How long was your session? 30 minutes
60 minutes
90 minutes
Did your therapist call you prior to the session? Yes    No
Did your therapist greet you at the door? Yes    No
Did you feel welcomed? Yes    No
Did your therapist inquire about specifics on your health intake form? Yes    No
Did your therapist ask for your massage preferences before starting? Yes    No
Was the treatment room inviting? Yes    No
Was the table neatly made with fresh, wrinkle free sheets? Yes    No
Was the table comfortable? Yes    No
Was the room a comfortable temperature? Yes    No
Did the room/table smell good? Yes    No
Did your areas of concern get enough attention? Yes    No
Was there a good rhythm or flow to your massage? Yes    No
Did it feel like your session ended abruptly? Yes    No
Did you feel rushed out? Yes    No

What did you enjoy most about your massage?
Was there anything you disliked?
What can we do to make your experience better?
Anything else you'd like to add?

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