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Corona Virus Concerns

I’ve had some clients reach out asking if it is safe to currently receive a massage with everything going on, so I want to take a moment to address this.


As you know, massage is a prolonged amount of time spent in  close, physical contact. Literally, the most hands on profession! So I 100% understand your concern.


I have been touching people for 11 years, so sharing germs is not something that has just come on to my radar. With pregnant people making up about half of my sessions, my sanitization standards have always been above average.


It has always been standard operating procedure to change all linens, clean commonly touched surfaces, door handles, anything adjusted during session, etc. between each session.


Massage has always been and continues to be a ‘well’ activity. Meaning, you should never come in for a session if you are fighting something off. Not only for the obvious reason of not wanting to spread those germs, but also you will absolutely feel worse after a session. Massage tends to exacerbate any symptoms you are experiencing, so even if you are on the ‘tail end’ of recovering from something, I recommend rescheduling.


Currently, I am providing sessions as long as you & I are both healthy. Stress impacts our immune system, so doing things to reduce your stress load is smart. And, I think we’re all feeling a little stressed by this! Massage is known to have a positive impact on our immune & endocrine system- significantly impacting our lymphocyte numbers & percentage of white blood cells which help fight off disease.


While most people do wash their hands before a session, one thing I will start having everyone do is wash your hands right after you arrive, to further diminish anything brought into my space.


If you have any questions or concerns about an upcoming appointment or about scheduling a session, please reach out to me. I am happy to chat with you.

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