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Welcome!  Since 2008, I've been committed to raising the bar for the quality of service & the level of professionalism of massage therapy.  It's my goal to provide you with the most compassionate, healing massage session, while making it an experience you'll never forget. Every session holds a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! 



As a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), Trained Doula (labor support person) and Certified Educator of Infant Massage, I specialize in pregnancy massage and personalized massage treatment sessions that reduce physical and emotional stress for women. (I am no longer accepting new male clients.)


Conveniently located just off Route 490 and Monroe Avenue, my office is tucked away on Canterbury Road. Online scheduling is easy and only takes a minute. I do book a bit in advance, so be sure to reserve your spot now! I look forward to meeting you soon & supporting you with massage therapy.


- Bobbi



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55 Canterbury Road

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Disclaimer: Licensed Massage Therapists are not Doctors. Bodywork by Bobbi will not diagnose, cure, or prescribe medications for any medical condition or illness.

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